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Office World Limited  -  Environmental Policy Statement


The Company strongly believes that concern for the environment should be an integral part of its business model and be a fundamental factor in its overall trading ethos.


The Company will strive to maintain a satisfactory balance between economic, social and environmental responsibilities, and will further commit adequate resources to achieve environmental improvements.


The Company will to the best of its knowledge and ability, fully comply with all relevant and appropriate legislative and regulatory requirements affecting its operation.


The Company does, and will continue wherever possible utilise and promote recycling opportunities for all applicable waste products and further actively encourages and uses appropriately accredited collection and recycling initiatives or schemes.


The Company in conjunction with its major suppliers takes great care to ensure goods are ethically sourced from responsible global vendors who have a policy and commitment to use renewable sustainable sources wherever possible.


The Company aims to raise environmental awareness with its staff to further encourage and promote sound, efficient environmental practices in the workplace.


If you have any questions about this document or our procedures, please contact us using the contact details set out in the home page of this website.